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I have questions. I have doubts. Above all, I have Faith.

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In occult lore, Castiel is identified as the Angel of Thursday. He would call himself a soldier, charged with protecting and caring for God’s creation. He is an angel in the Abrahamic tradition—a warrior. Castiel is an obedient servant. But not a mindless one. He has questions and doubts, but trusts in his Father’s plans—whatever they may be.

For thousands of years, Castiel and those like him have worked from a distance. But the world is beginning to change. More and more demons are clawing their way out of Hell. And depending upon the actions of a handful of humans, it may soon be necessary for angels to walk upon the Earth once more.

Castiel has had a very long time observe humanity. As a group, he finds them endlessly interesting, even if he doesn’t always understand them. As individuals, he considers each one a work of art, all the more precious for their flaws. Unlike some of his fellows, who look upon humans as savages, Castiel harbors a sincere affection for them, and it pains him to know that some may have to suffer as a result of their own choices, or in the in pursuit of the Greater Good.

But the Greater Good must be maintained. And this devotion to the bigger picture can sometimes lead him to seem unfeeling.

Castiel does experience and display emotion, though not as broadly as a human. His words and his actions are generally calm and controlled. And while he does wield considerable power, he is not omnipotent or omniscient. He is also not given to overtly displaying it. But you may find that he has suddenly appeared beside you, heralded by a faint flutter of wings.

In his true form, Castiel would overwhelm the senses of a human being. Therefore, he appears housed in a human vessel. The most he could allow someone to safely see are the shadows cast by his wings. But even that is a rarity. To all outward appearances, he is a human man in his thirties, somewhat under six feet tall, with untidy black hair and blue eyes, and always wears a suit and a trench coat.

Castiel enters Milliways roughly two years before he appears in canon (and two years before he encounters the Winchesters). He is not sure why he has begun to find his way there. But he trusts that God has a reason for sending him there.

Maybe he is meant to learn something.

Castiel is from the television show Supernatural, and is the property of Eric Kripke and the CW. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Castiel is portrayed by Misha Collins.

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